"the purple tape"

Monday, September 26, 2005


Dont forget to check out VH-1's "Hip Hop Honors" tonight at 9pm. Word is the Kane/Kanye performance is worth it.

Raekwon-"Apple Jax"
Lotta Rae material leaking lately--unfortunately this joint isn't as hot as the last couple of joints to break through to the internets. Actually, this joint doesn't even sound finished--Rae spits some gems, but the weed carrier on the hook, i can definitely do without. I'm still thinking this album can shape up real nice.

Purple Ribbon Allstars-"Body Rock" (its no Kryptonite)

Re-Up Gang-"Monopoly"
Re-working the classic Show and AG joint, fucking genius. Nuff said. Cop this disc

50 Cent-"Window Shopper"

T-Pain feat. Styles P-"So High"
T-Pain (short for Tallahasse Pain) will soon be all over your MTV--remember where you heard it first. Y'all might remember the joint "I'm Sprung" out couple months back featuring Stat Quo (that never really popped). Well, the newest signee to Akon's new imprint Konvict Music, T-Painis back and brings some real fire with this joint. This is the second joint i've heard from dude this week-his other joint "I'm In Love With A Stripper" flexes more of the commercial appeal. Styles jumps off this track and brings that street thuggery to the bouncy track, but it isn't until T-Pain gets on the mic when shit gets really real. Unfortunately this dude will not appreciate yet another 'Ode To Weed' (via catchdubs)

Hater Magazine

The Walt Report/Status Ain't Hood/High Snobiety

Motion Tactics

Wu Latino (Is this what its come to?!)

One Ounce Joint [VIDEO]



CultStatus said...

I'm sprung is poppin in the A Town clubs about now.

I think stat ain't even on the club version tho.

may my new addy is
2361 charleston pte

JUST IN CASE you want to mail some more heat down south. Thanks for the last disc again,


ian said...

> Y'all might remember the joint "I'm Sprung" out couple months back featuring Stat Quo(that never really popped).

Dude, the "I'm Sprung" song is the 9th most played record on urban radio right now and just debuted on the "106 & Park" countdown!! The version wih Stat Quo is a unofficial bootleg that's been caned on radio down in ATL for weeks now.

ian said...

Also: Thx for the luv on the site. The mp3 blog game is gonna be stepped up crazy in the upcoming weeks.

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