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Monday, December 05, 2005

Alive and Well..

she came first, i came last--roll the grass

CRACK FOR CHRISTMAS is coming, but for now we in Clover G land--Houston Is Mine.

Get your 3rd Bass game up. Make sure to check the pics and grab that YO MTV Rap Episode in the downloads section.

Go peep YOUTUBE for the do-it-yourself video uploads. Whether its the Sean Kemp/Reignman tribute (copped off kamoji) or the Juelz/Jeezy/Weezy video where Chris Dudley Clinton Sparks plays his himself, literally.

Notorious B.I.G ft Clipse-"Just a Memory"
Ok, this is the final piece to the final chapter of the post-mortum BIG albums. ( I HOPE) I knew Scram dropped a beat on the album, but didn't know which one. This one lifts the vocals off "You're Nobody Until Somebody Kills You" and Scram jumps behind the wheels for the hook. Pusha and Malice rep B.I.G's legacy correctly, and clearly putting the label situation out there for the world. The "label-limbo" can't get phase either one of these dudes-i mean P still "plays in the snow like Santa" and Malice, Mr. I-was-pushing-keys-in-a-V-with-no-roof. COKE RAP. Gotta love it.

LL Cool J ft Juelz-"Its LL & Santana"
LL's back for his 12th album--ok so this is the first leak record or maybe its the first single, does it even matter anymore? Well Just Blaze gets biz on the track, and Uncle JuJu defintiely brings is A! game on the record, but i can't take Uncle LL to serious anymore, I mean the Juvie and Birdman shoutout? the Screwed up sample? Make it more obvious you are trying to attach to current rap rather than sticking to the script. Yeahhh..gimme the instrumental,and im good. Ill forget about this joint within a week.

2 For 5's
Scarface-"Never Snitch"
Notorious B.I.G ft Akon, Scarface, Big Gee-Hustler's Story

Def Jam, Inc.
Where You're At
A Million Little Pieces
The Tipping Point

Executioner's Song
Lunar Park
Twelve Bar Blues
Commodify Your Dissent
Soul On Ice

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Matso said...

Glad to see you're still on your grind. I'ma be in NYC for 2 days in early January if you wanna do some shit. Keep up the good work man. - matt